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Ethan Farmer
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Celebrated Bass Player Ethan Farmer
Re-releases Solo Debut EP Wine & Strings

Full Length Album Due Early 2013

January 8, 2012 (Los Angeles, CA): Ethan Farmer aka E-Bassman is a celebrated bass player and is no stranger to the music scene playing and touring with the likes of Christina Aguilera, Janet Jackson, Patti LaBelle, Darius Rucker, Lionel Richie. Ethan was introduced to his instrument of choice... the bass at the age of five and then became the youngest member of the family group The Amazing Farmer Singers at the age of eight. From that early introduction, it has been a relationship that has only grown and evolved.

Ethan Farmer is truly changing the way we hear music today. He has crafted and honed his talent to make the listening experience a journey. Farmer has blurred the lines and taken in the influences of jazz, funk, soul, and rock & roll to create his eclectic sound. E-Bassman shares, “I want people to walk away from my show feeling like they did during Woodstock. Just a good feeling that people remember for generations and it was all about the music.”

Now, E-Bassman is focused on his solo career with the re-release of his debut solo EP Wine & Strings featuring his top 30 single “Watch”. This re-release is to prepare you for the upcoming full-length album due out in the spring.

Ethan has just returned from touring Europe with the legendary Lionel Richie and will be performing in Bass Bash at NAMM this January. After the back to back tours with NKOTB and Richie, he is finally able to focus full-time on his solo efforts and promotions for his upcoming full length release courtesy of Good People Club Music Group.

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Ethan Farmer
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