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Dance Music Sensation Erika Jayne Releases New Single "Give You Everything"

Dance music sensation Erika Jayne will bring her third single, “Give You Everything,” to iTunes on Tuesday, April 7. The surefire hit follows the heat from smash singles “Roller Coaster” and “Stars,” which both rocketed Jayne to #1 on the Billboard Dance charts and made her a favorite on dance floors across the world.

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Teen Pop Sensation Lea Marie Releases Debut CD Single "World Of Wonders"

In today’s world of music and easy accessibility to new music online, it is hard to find a “smash” single from an artist who is breaking out on the internet. That is about to change quickly as sixteen year old teen pop star Lea Marie releases her new online single, “World Of Wonders,” in advance of her new full length self-titled release which will be available on April 21, 2009.

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Shauna Burns Releases 5 Song EP "Anamnesis" On Red Rock Music

"Anamnesis is a memory. Something that stirs the soul, a smell, a look, a touch, a taste and a sound... combining underneath the surface. This can come in slowly or like a rush of wind and grab you when you are not expecting it. Mix, create, find, memorize the truth within ourselves."

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Emusician Interview With Miles High Productions President Chip Schutzman

Industry Insider: Chip Schutzman

May 1, 2009 12:00 PM, By Michael A. Aczon



With all the media attention given to file sharing and the travails of the major labels, the Internet's role in the distribution and sale of music has been highly visible in recent years. But what's been left out of the conversation — something that's equally if not more important for independent musicians — is the use of the Net for marketing and promotion. Chip Schutzman is the president of Miles High Productions, an L.A.-based Internet marketing firm, and has a great deal of expertise on the subject of promoting indie musicians on the Web.

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Heart Honored By ASCAP, Jerry Cantrell

For more than three decades, Heart -- aka Ann and Nancy Wilson -- have been largely championed as pioneers in women in rock. However, Wednesday night in Los Angeles, the Wilson sisters were recognized by ASCAP not for their gender, but for their songwriting. "It's a feeling of redemption in a way because we've been known so much for being women," Ann told Spinner. "That was the first thing anyone ever noticed about us. The first question we ever got asked, 'What's it like being a woman in a rock band?' This isn't about that. That means really a lot."

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