The Gary Douglas Band Unveil “Nothing Ever Goes As Planned” From Their New Record, ‘Deep in the Water’!

The Gary Douglas Band Unveil “Nothing Ever Goes As Planned” From Their New Record, ‘Deep in the Water’!




The Gary Douglas Band has unveiled a powerful new lyric video heralding their hugely anticipated new album, DEEP IN THE WATER. “Nothing Ever Goes As Planned” is streaming now at the official Gary Douglas YouTube channel. DEEP IN THE WATER is also available now on all digital stores and streaming platforms.

Gary Douglas has long been waging battle with the forces of greed and injustice, both as rebel rocker and as a Trial Lawyer Hall of Fame attorney who spends each and every day fighting for workers rights and the victims of corporate greed. The “Nothing Ever Goes As Planned” lyric visual touches upon Douglas’ unstinting belief that people have the power, weaving striking footage of recent protests and political rallies with an optimistic – but by no means rose-colored – view that still holds the American ideal as a promised land of equality, compassion, and opportunity.

Vents Magazine recently declared the track to be “a thoughtful and relevant reflection on modern American society…Douglas has a message he wants to get across and it isn’t a particularly cheerful one, but there’s a spirit of community spicing up this song that gives listeners a sense that, no matter how bad things are or get, we’re all in this together. It’s a wise antidote to his unsparing depiction of the current world where we live.”

Indeed, “Nothing Ever Goes As Planned” also reflects Douglas’ recent legal efforts on behalf of multiple plaintiffs battling DuPont for injuries sustained by the chemical giant’s illegal dumping of the dangerous chemical C8 into the Ohio River – a landmark lawsuit soon to be dramatized in a new film from award-winning director Todd Haynes (I’m Not ThereCarol). Douglas spearheaded the milestone litigation, representing the unsuspecting communities along the Ohio River Valley to whom DuPont referred in internal documents to as “‘human receptors.”‘ Much like the recent ruling against Monsanto in California, Douglas won a series of record-shattering settlements in the multi-district litigation, earning more than $700 million in punitive damages after juries agreed DuPont had acted with a “‘conscious disregard”‘ for the health and well-being of the families living along the river in Ohio and West Virginia.

One of American music’s most urgent and uplifting live outfits, known for sold out headline dates and tours supporting such artists as Southside Johnny and the Asbury Jukes, Paul Thorn, and John Eddie, the Gary Douglas Band has slated a number of upcoming live dates surrounding the release of DEEP IN THE WATER. First up, the New York City-based band will rock their hometown with an intimate showcase performance at NYC’s Rockwood Music Hall – Stage 2, slated for Saturday, October 20th at 7 pm. The Gary Douglas Band will then team with Cowboy Mouth for a pair of eagerly awaited double bills at Pensacola, FL’s Vinyl Music Hall, set for Friday, October 26th (TICKETS) and Rocky Mount, VA’s Harvester Performance Center on Friday, November 2nd (TICKETS). Additional dates will be announced soon.

“‘I always feel best at these clubs where the whole place is jumping,”‘ Douglas says. “When the place is packed and rocking, that’s it. That’s all I want. That’s what it’s about for me.”‘

Along with landmark legal victories against such monolithic foes as Big Pharma and the tobacco industry, Douglas – who was inducted into the Trial Lawyer Hall of Fame earlier this year, joining such legal giants as Thurgood Marshall, Morris Dees, and William Kuntsler – has somehow found equal time to lead his Gary Douglas Band for more than four years, lighting it up night after night with blazing guitars, anthemic hooks, and a potent lyricism that rings out with its craft, confidence, and striking conviction.

DEEP IN THE WATER fully catapults The Gary Douglas Band to the forefront of Americana and heartland rock ‘n’ roll, its powerful themes and searing truths perhaps more relevant now than ever before. Produced and mixed by Niko Bolas (Neil Young, Warren Zevon) and co-produced by chart-topping songwriter/producer Darrell Brown (Keith Urban, Radney Foster), DEEP IN THE WATER sees the Brooklyn-born singer-songwriter backed by an all-star lineup of friends and fans that includes Southside Johnny and his Asbury Jukes keyboardist Jeff Kazee, The Mavericks’ Raul Malo and Paul Deakin, The Jayhawks’ Jennifer Gunderman, guitarist Josh Leo, saxophonist Nicholas Biello, and a host of Nashville’s finest session players. Songs such as “‘Nothing Ever Goes As Planned”‘ and “‘Devil In Her Soul”‘ reflect the deep rift in the very fabric of our society, a division and dysfunction that threatens to tear us apart without some unifying rallying cry to bring us together.


Upcoming Tour Dates

October 26, 2018 – Vinyl Music Hall – Pensacola, FL

November 2, 2018 – Harvester Performance Center – Rocky Mount, VA



Amilia K Spicer Releases New Single And Music Video “Harlan”!

Amilia K Spicer Releases New Single And Music Video “Harlan”!

After a whirlwind year of touring around the United States, Americana songwriter Amilia K Spicer is thrilled to officially release “Harlan” as her third single from “Wow and Flutter.”

“Harlan” marks Spicer’s third foray into directing music videos for this album, once again producing and filming it with production partner, Edward Romero. Using footage from Harlan and rural Pennsylvania (Spicer’s childhood state), the video follows Spicer’s personal journey to the birthplace of her father. It merges landscapes from both, with vacant lots and abandoned buildings becoming farm landscapes with a golden hue.

I know what I cannot see,” she sings. “Dove tailed swallow been followin’ me. I cannot reach it, I can’t outrun – take these halves and make them one.”

Spicer’s lyrics are full of vivid imagery, and sensual confessions. As she sings of her dreams “filled with waltzes,” describes the whisky running through her “like Mississippi mud,” and remembers the sound of “a fiddle playing in a child’s room,” the scenes evoke a crystal-clear glimpse into her nostalgia.

When Spicer traveled to Harlan to film the music video, she searched for her Father’s home, only to find a mostly barren lot at the address. “I wandered around,” Spicer recalls, “and noticed something shiny in the dirt. Turned out to be several pieces of coal, which I now have. Sometimes a lump of coal is a beautiful gift.”

In “Harlan,” what American Songwriter Magazine said of “Wow and Flutter” rings true: It’s “a timeless brand-new Americana classic.” “Harlan” debuted September 7th.


About Amilia K Spicer:
Amilia K Spicer’s latest album is the triumph Wow and Flutter, which is Spicer’s third release. It landed on many year-end best-of lists for 2017. Despite the acclaim, Spicer retains an underground mystique to her, perhaps due to her “don’t fence me in” attitude (also the name of her record label). In addition to performing, Spicer spends time traveling (recently to Tibet and Bhutan), showcasing her photography, and directing/producing indie films.

Throughout 2018, Spicer performed frequently in the Americana festival circuit. She wowed fans with a full band set at the Kerrville Folk Festival in Texas, as well as the Woody Guthrie Folk Festival in Oklahoma. Furthermore, she’s performed more intimately at venues across the US, including 30A Songwriters Festival in January.

For more information on Amilia K Spicer please visit:

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