Jesse Costello

When the Columbia Records Online department needed to outsource the official Barbra Streisand website to a third party developer, our list of possible vendors was short, but in the end a confident decision was easily reached. Chip Schutzman and his team have proved themselves helpful, consistent, and a pleasure to work with through every phase of this challenging project, meeting and exceeding our needs as well as rising to the challenge of every twist and turn during the process.

Producer-Sony Music Online Services/Columbia Records

Amy Turner

I had the pleasure of working with Chip Schutzman on our Peter Frampton, “Now,” release. Chip was great at getting the word out for us seeding many, many sites – even several in foreign languages. He was open to any suggestions, as well as educating me on the often complex internet world, and backed up his work with results and numbers. I feel Chip went above and beyond what he was originally asked to do and I never had to request an update from him. Chip is on his game and makes the game a lot more fun to play.

Director Of Marketing, 33rd Street Records

Morty Wiggins

Chip Schutzman and his team have proved themselves creative, helpful, consistent, and a pleasure to work with. They always meet and often exceed our needs as well as rising to the challenge of every twist and turn working with artists. Bottom line: Miles High Productions adds value to our projects.

President, Outhink, Inc.

Bradd Weinberg

We had the PLEASURE and good fortune to work with Miles High Production based in Los Angeles for our “ROCKET SCIENCE FOR DUMMIES” 2009 release. Chip Schutzman is the founder of MHP and did an impressive job of empowering us. He has worked with some of the biggest names in the industry from RADIOHEAD to Barbra Streisand. Through Chip’s expertise we landed on the top 20 internet radio and college radio 2009 year end charts for the US and Europe.

Astronauts Of Antiquity

Ramon Hervey II

In the fast moving and ever-changing super highway of Internet technology and online marketing, Miles High Productions is clearly a front-runner and cutting edge leader. We have the greatest respect for their business savvy and professionalism, and know they can be an invaluable asset to anyone looking to fully exploit and maximize the exposure of their artists or products online.

Hervey & Company

Hugh Haller

We had the great fortune to work with Chip Schutzman and Miles High Productions on Alice Peacock’s latest release “Who I Am”. It goes with out saying that Chip did an incredible job in all phases of our online promotional campaign and delivered on every aspect of the project. It is a pleasure as well as a rarity to work with someone in the music business who acts a real professional and is a great person on top of it. I would highly recommend Chip and his company for anyone looking to expand their marketing capabilities and create a real dynamic impact for their artists.

President, Peacock Music

Kellylee Evans

As an indie artist, the campaign that Miles High developed for me was the best way to spend my limited resources. Chip and his amazing team were able to increase my web and myspace presence in such a way that I never could have done on my own. I still marvel at the amount of exposure I have received and continue to receive from their efforts. I am looking forward to our next project together!!


Shauna Burns

Chip Schutzman and Miles High Productions have played a significant part in our success and continue to be a great support in our marketing, online presence and more with my debut album ‘Every Thought’ and follow up EP ‘Desert Tune’. Chip works honestly, having the up most integrity and he truly prides himself on giving 100% and never lets a stone go unturned. Chip and the Miles High Production team have not only increased visibility for Red Rock Music and the music we produce, but has been an important member in our circle. Chip Schutzman is a true class act.

Red Rock Music